In Disorder:
"Leviathan" Tin House, 2010
"The Sleeper" Portland Noir, 2009
"Acacia Avenue" Tin House, 2008
"Continuity" Washington Square, 2006
"Peterson Wins Pritzker" Contrary, 2005
"The Problem of the House" New England Review, 2003

Not in Disorder:
"Ghost Bikes" The Normal School, 2014
"The Amber Room" Salt Hill, 2005
"Graphology" Tin House, 2004
"They Have Something to Tell Us" Pindeldyboz, 2004
"General Definers" Ascent, 2004
"Here is Your Ghost Story" Northwest Review, 2002
"Bullies" New England Review, 2002
"Most Likely to Succeed" Missouri Review, 2001